A Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Every Christmas Eve, my brothers and I like to annoy my mother by stalking our stockings. It’s really not our fault, you see, ever since we were little, our Christmas stockings were something we could open up right after we got home from church, so it was in-between church and Christmas Eve dinner that we would be able to enjoy some small gifts and a lot of candy (yes, right before dinner!). Even as we get older, we still may gather at my parents before Christmas Eve service and take a look at what might be spewing out of our socks. Mother gets super upset, yells at us, chases us away, then we do it all over again. It’s sort of like wash, rinse and repeat.

After church, we arrive back to mom and dad’s house and then as she preps appetizers, we big kids head to our socks and well, pretty much tear into them. As we get older, we are a bit more slow in pulling out the Christmas stocking items. My own kids and my niece also join in the fun with their stockings as well. Of course, in the midst of all of this, my mother is trying to prepare Christmas dinner. While she is excited that we are opening our socks, she’s still annoyed beyond belief that we are ripping into small packages and candy that she has filled into our socks. With any luck, there might be a small adult beverage hiding in the “big kids” socks! Woo hoo!

Where am I going with this? There’s something my mom always puts in our Christmas stockings…

Do you need a quick and easy stocking stuffer? Grab some of these Haribo Christmas Edition Gold Bears! This package only includes red and green gummy bears, the best flavors if you ask me! You can find these in our Christmas stockings – and if my mom didn’t put them in my own sock, the grandkids get them, but I control my kids sugar intake, so really this means I get the gummy bears. It’s a well laid out scheme!

I really could annoy you all and get that Gummy (Gummi?!) Bear song stuck in your head. I’m still half thinking about posting the link to the song as I type this out… but gummy bears make the best stocking stuffer! Well, any of the Haribo gummy products are delicious, while I do love the Christmas bears, I actually do have a secret favorite in the Alphabet Letters


While I’m thinking about it, is it gummy or gummi? I suppose it depends on what part of the world you are in, I think it goes both ways. Check out the process of making the Haribo Gold Bear below!

And in case you were wondering, we do have a Haribo fun fact below (taken from their website).

Where does the name HARIBO come from?

The name HARIBO comes from HAns RIegel BOnn. Hans Riegel was the founder of the company, born in 1898 in Friesdorf (a region of Bonn, Germany). In 1920, the company was registered into the Bonn trade register as HARIBO, an acronym of the his name and the place Bonn.

Source: Haribo.com


Enjoy National Chocolates Day!

Happy Wednesday! According to Foodimentary.com, today is National Chocolates Day! What chocolate are you nibbling on today? I am going to share my chocolate(s) that I am celebrating today, and that would be Butlers Chocolates. They are a favorite of mine! I even want to say this blog has some early roots in sharing the love of Butlers Chocolates in one of the first posts made here!


It’s true! I have bars hidden in my cupboards and I always forget that I stash them from the children. When I find a bar hidden amongst the items in my cupboards it’s like I have hit jackpot! And then… I hope… that a child is not near by when I make my discovery… because yes… I really don’t want to share! I’m so bad!

DSC_0053 (1)

And do we all know that Butlers Chocolates originates from Ireland? So, really, I suppose I am celebrating “International” Chocolates Day!  Butlers Chocolates isn’t all chocolates, they make a variety of products:

In addition to luxurious milk, dark and white speciality chocolate assortments, Butlers Chocolates produce creamy toffee, soft fudge, deliciously moreish chocolate filled and solid chocolate bars, enticing milk chocolate truffles delicately flavoured with famous liquors, hot chocolate and enchanting seasonal collections at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter!

Source: Butlers Chocolates (Our Heritage)

Speaking of CHRISTMAS, these chocolates make awesome stocking stuffers, host and/or hostess gifts, or a perfect gift to pass around the office during the holiday season.

Have you tried Bulters Chocolates before? If so, tell me what your favorite! My inquiring mind wants to know!