Meet Us In San Francisco…!

If you have been following our social media sites, you’ll realize that we have a crew in San Francisco for the 43rd Annual Winter Fancy Food Show. You can follow what’s going on by searching these tags (Twitter, Instagram): #WFFS18 and #WinterFancyFoodShow. We also cannot claim that we took that beautiful photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, that credit goes to user Walkerssk on Pixabay. And Pixabay, by the way, is an awesome site if you’re looking for images to use under the CC0 Creative Commons use. You can always help out any of the users by donating funds to them if they have one set up, it’s always nice to pay it forward!

But back to the Winter Fancy Food Show, hosted by the Specialty Food Association. The show started Sunday, January 21, and goes through Tuesday, January 23. While sadly, I am not in attendance myself, we do have staff from Gourmet International working the show. If you’re at the show, stop by and visit the team in Booth #3408!


So what goes on at this Winter Fancy Food Show? Well, quite a bit! It is a place for foodies to gather and find out what’s new, what’s coming up and what’s trending! It’s also a time for educational seminars where you can hear from food industry leaders what’s going on in the world of specialty food.


There are also special events, such as some different award ceremonies, food showcases, learning what new brands are out and about and more! If you’re wanting to learn more about what’s shaking in the specialty food industry world, this is one of the shows to attend!

This show is also filled with many exhibitors – people, products and more to meet and greet! Exhibitors come from across the globe to attend this event. Click here to find out more from the Specialty Food Association’s Fact Sheet.

So much happening in San Francisco these next few days! We hope to hear from our team about what’s hot, what’s new, what’s going on and more!




Hello 2018!

Happy New Year! Happy 2018! Let’s start off the New Year with a new name! As you can see, All Things Gourmet, sounds like a nice little fit! What you’ll find here won’t change at all! There still will be recipes shared, gourmet food items to be showcased and shared, along with the sharing of information and traditions and so forth! But don’t worry, there will be little Gourmet Nibbles to be had and I will make sure you can follow my crumb trail!

The month of January is busy and filled with lots of new things, recipes and adventures ahead! There are some sauces and soups to be made, special national days to celebrate – all of course – featured around FOOD! Then we have to face it and admit it – Valentine’s is right around the corner! Yes! I know! We just finished up the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and YES! We must move on to Valentine’s and do I dare bring up the Easter Bunny?! Well, I sort of have to, because we can’t avoid them! And here they are…!

Just a few to get you started!

Over the course of the next year I also plan to keep up on the latest health and food trends, and so far there are a few similar themes I keep seeing popping up! Tumeric  and other spices seems to be one trend. “Gut-friendly” fermented foods such as sauerkraut has hit the list and then don’t forget about your foods filled with probiotic! And as for gut-friendly foods, we have that and we’ve got you covered!


There are a few things about coffee I may look into – I keep reading that coffee is good for your liver and there may also be other coffee trends that I am going to try to keep my eye on. Is coffee the key to prevent premature death?I don’t know, but there are reports to claim there may be an association to drinking coffee and longevity by reducing the risk of cancer, stroke, heart and liver disease!

And coffee… that’s in stock as well!

So there’s a lot to look forward to in 2018! And it’s time to get started!



Anuga 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

We have our team at Anuga in Cologne, Germany! And we are awaiting for exciting news and updates from them to share with you! What exactly *is* Anuga? Anuga is an annual event that showcases around 7,200 exhibitors of the food and bevearge industry. Our team is in Cologne right now, gearing up to check out the current food trends and ready to find ways to grow our product line!

We hope to share some news and updates soon…!

But stay tuned here… we have a recipe posting and some tailgating fun to share with you as we wind up this week with you! As for myself, I’m still thinking of making more pretzels and dipping them in some sweet Bavarian style mustard… so good! So tasty!