Oooey Gooey Caramelly Delight!

YES! It’s been a while since the last blog post! Things have been a little busy – but we are here and we are all well and fine! And to prove it to you all, we are going to share something new for that sweet tooth of yours!

This next little bundle of joy comes all the way from the UK! Presenting to you all, The Grown Up Chocolate Company! The packaging and information on all their products clearly states, “Reminiscent of the bars we ate as children, but reimagined for grown-ups”. There’s a kiddo on the front of their products, dressed up as an adult, and then a little note stating, “Nice try kid, but it’s not for you!” and it’s the cutest, most fun packaging!

There are several different varieties to choose from within The Grown Up Chocolate Company brand – from bars to peanut butter cups and caramel truffle cups and more! Today let’s explore the Gorgeously Gooey Caramel Truffle Cups, shall we?

First – as I mentioned, the packaging is super fun! Who wouldn’t want to open this box of chocolate fun? Take note of the messages on the package: “Not For Little Monsters” and “Handmade With Love In the UK” – seriously – how fun is this?! When my 9-year-old asks me if he can have a try, I can just point to the box! Ha ha!


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What’s really cool is that there are 6 caramel truffle cups in this package. They are placed in a tray and wrapped.


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These Gorgeously Gooey Caramel Truffle Cups are not tiny in size, nor are they super gigantic. They are just a perfect size for popping – and sharing with other grown ups!


If you read the box above, it says, “Six Chocolate Cups Each Filled With Milk Chocolate Toffee and a Runny Caramel Truffle”. I will prove to you that these words are so true! I took a bite of one of these little treats and it was like a fun explosion of caramel running down my hand! I had to quickly adjust myself as I was trying to take photos to share with all of you! I was licking the sides of my hand and trying to avoid caramel contact to the lens and camera body! To show you the true runny caramel I had to place my cup on the box – you can see it oozing and making its escape out of the chocolate! DELICIOUS!


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So there you have it! The Gorgeously Gooey Caramel Truffle Cups from The Grown Up Chocolate Company! Extremely fun packaging and branding and a tasty creation within the box! We are currently having a St. Patrick’s Day contest on our Facebook page for those residing within the United States. A lucky winner will be chosen on St. Patrick’s Day to get a bundle of gourmet snacks and treats from us! This is just one of the items we will be including to send to our lucky winner!


Sweet Tooth.

One of my favorite types of candy would be hard candy. I am often one who carries a little tin of mints around to keep my mouth fresh, but there are days I need something other than spearmint, wintergreen or peppermint to flavor my taste buds. What better way to explore the world of hard candy today on National Hard Candy Day!


Enter Mangini to the playing field. Some of their candies you will know by their iconic fruit wrappers as seen above. I remember being a kid and I’d be visiting family and there might have been random candy dishes out and about. You knew you hit the jackpot and were lucky to snag one of those pretty little fruity labeled candies, because you knew the rest of the hard candy in the dish was junky toffee or coffee flavored something (not the GOOD ONES, the horrible ones), more suited for the “old people who you were visiting! I’m sure karma will hit me in the tush later for making that comment!


But seriously, if there was a candy dish or jar out and about, I was looking for the wrappers with the fruit on them! The hard shell was tasty and you had to work your way to the soft filled center. It was like waiting for a fun little party to happen on your taste buds once you hit that soft center! You knew you were the cool kid in the room that got the jackpot from the dish! I would glare at my brothers if they found the candy dish first and grabbed out all the “good ones”! I also love these citrus flavored ones (again, pictured above). There’s always something fun and refreshing with a citrus flavored candy: orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit. Nothing like a little zing for your taste buds!


I also remember going to celebrations at church or maybe it was a birthday party at a friend’s house and sometimes you’d get a little treat bag. I would always scope out the contents of the bag to see what kind of hard candies were inside!


Mangini keeps its candies true to flavor, as close to the actual flavor you’d get as if you’d picked it straight from nature itself! Mangini also has a range of other hard candy products – and they even have – yes, coffee and cream flavored candies – the ones I would run and hide from! But these taste waaay better than the “other” candies you’d find in the candy dish! If you’re looking for a hard candy to enjoy, look no further than Italy’s own Mangini, making confections for over 35 years! They have quite the product line and flavors and varieties. From fruits, yogurt, coffee, mints, caramel, cola flavored, licorice to candies that are even rhubarb flavored and can aid in digestion, toffee, to some that offer other health benefits and some have vitamins included!

Go out and enjoy National Hard Candy Day today! Please share with us what some of your favorites are!