Sending Happy Boss’s Day Wishes!

First and foremost, wishing all of you who are bosses, those who are in charge of running the ship — HAPPY BOSS’S DAY! We especially want to say HAPPY BOSS’S DAY to Mike and Monica, you lead us everyday with your knowledge and insight! Thank you for helping lead the way! Together, they are seen in the photo below from the Anuga Food Show from this past week in Cologne, Germany.


Gourmet International started 40 years ago with Mike and Monica’s parents, Horst and Erika. Originally starting off with a deli, Gourmet International has now grown to be the sole distributor for several Eurpopean lines, Hengstenberg, Dallmayr Kaffee, Breitsamer Honey and more. Mike and Monica both gew up working in the company and now Mike’s daughter Nicole works at Gourmet International. The original distribution warehouse was 45,000 square feet and as the company grows, so does the warehouse! Gourmet International moved into a brand new facility, just down the road from their previous location, and now have 100,000 square feet of warehouse space! While based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gourmet International also has several independent representative organizations covering the entire United States.

Happy Boss’s Day to Mike & Monica!


Gift Ideas Perfect for Boss’s Day!

Happy Friday the 13th — in case you have forgotten — Boss’s Day is approaching! If you haven’t looked at your calendar, it is Monday, October 16! Now that we have reminded you and have you thinking, you have the whole weekend to prepare and shop for the perfect Boss’s Day gift! And we are here to provide you with some awesome suggestions! Chocolates are always a winner for any boss, unless, they do not like chocolate! And if they don’t like chocolate, well… maybe there’s something wrong with them! Ha! Just kidding!

We wanted to share some ideas for your boss on Boss’s Day.

Such as…
…this Butlers Irish Whiskey Bar! You know you’ve probably stressed your boss enough for him or her to deserve this decadent chocolate bar! Or maybe they’ve stressed YOU out and you need to pick an extra one up for yourself! No worries about any alcohol content when giving this bar, it is just Irish Whiskey flavored, so you are safe to bring this into the work place! I couldn’t help myself from trying it, it’s delicious!

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…this Reber Fascination Box! This gift box contains 8 pieces of delicious chocolates made by Reber. Inside this box of deliciousness are dessert pralines without marzipan. The pralines are covered with alpine milk and dark chocolate. The four different flavors include: Mousse au Chocolat, Crème Brûlée, Zabaione and Tiramisu.

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…perhaps a box of Butlers Dessert Menu chocolates! Choose from a large box or small! If you know what’s best for your boss (or mabye your job!), the large box would be my suggestion! The large Dessert Menu box has 16 different chocolates and the smaller Dessert Menu has 8 pieces. The Dessert Menu (assorted 16) has won the Irish Quality Food & Drink Award in 2015! You know with that honor, these are some fantastic tasting chocolates!

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Here’s a little info on what’s inside the award winning Dessert Menu boxed chocolates:

This luscious chocolate assortment features a delectable collection of sixteen gourmet sumptuous chocolates inspired by famous desserts, lovingly crafted and then presented in a delicate chocolate shell and hand finished with a chocolate decoration – the ultimate dessert hit! The heavenly collection comprises; Café Mocha, Red Velvet, Sticky Toffee, Crème Brûlée, Orange Bombe, Lemon Parfait, Hazelnut Brownie and Great Taste Award winning Raspberry Panna Cotta.


And there you have it! You can’t go wrong with any of these choices for a Boss’s Day gift! Now you have plenty of time this weekend to get out and get your shopping done!
Shop! SHOP!