Mighty Power of Ginger in Travel Size!

Ginger is known to have a wide range of health benefits. We are busy people and we are always on the go, and we aren’t always taking good care of ourselves when we travel or run around town doing errands or taking kids here and there. Instead of traveling with a pack of gum or some other form of sugary candy or snack, why not instead grab a traveler’s size pack of Gin Gins? These ginger filled traveling treats are packed with ginger power! Straight from our friends, The Ginger People, here’s a quick run down of why ginger is good for us:

For thousands of years, ginger has been used to…

  • Relieve countless illnesses
  • Ease nausea, headaches & arthritis
  • Restore vital energy
  • Stimulate circulation

Source: The Ginger People (About Us)

Here’s a whole list of health benefits that ginger has to offer. To learn more about the following list, check out the link below in the source that will lead you to The Ginger People’s website. Each different benefit includes a brief description to how ginger can aid or benefit the following list.

  1. Anti-Nausea
  2. Anti-Cancer
  3. Circulation Stimulator
  4. Digestive
  5. Cold and Flu Remedy
  6. Migraine Reliever
  7. Anti-Inflammatory
  8. Aphrodisiac
  9. Anti-Oxidant
  10. Anti-Flatulence

Source: The Ginger People (Health)

The two Gin Gins that we are highlighting today are both different and unique and designed for your own unique experience! If you prefer more of a gooey chewy experience, then the Gin Gins Chewy Ginger Candy is for you (and my favorite)! The Gin Gins Traveler’s Candy is a hard candy that is made with a boost of fresh ginger. Check out the photos below!

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Whenever my tummy gets a little upset at me, I know I can grab my Gin Gins and I will feel better in no time! The ginger just has a calming effect on my tummy when it’s not happy, and I love that this is a quick and easy way to make myself feel better without taking any harsh over-the-counter medicines. Ginger can also help with nausea if you’re traveling, so it’s a quick and easy way to ease nausea discomfort for yourself or others as you travel about your way.

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I love ginger and I love knowing that when I do have some treats from The Ginger People, I’ll be feeling alright and helping my body at the same time! Wether I am traveling around the state or if I am just out and about, my Gin Gins are easy to stash in a pocket or purse or bag! The Gin Gins come in a great travel size box, each ginger candy piece individually wrapped, so keep it in the box or grab one or two to stash away! Have you already tried these amazing little treats? If so, which is your favorite? If no, go get some!