Wholesome Whole Grain.

Are you looking for a wholesome and fiber-rich bread? Look no further than Delba brand breads. Delba is one of the leading bread makers in Germany with their products being created naturally without preservatives and without chemical baking aids. Not only that, but Delba prodcuts are Kosher certified. By using whole grain in their products, Delba manages to keep all natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their breads.

Delba has a variety of different types of breads including: pumpernickel, flaxseed, sunflower seed, three grain and rye just to name a few. Delba also comes in some other styles such as Protein, Museli and Vegan Veggie Rye. The Protien bread has 3 times more protien and 80% less carbs than traditional bread. Vegan Veggie Rye is free from animal products, lactose and yeast.

Delba is all natural and high in fiber and nutrients. Delba is a dense, flavorful European bread that is a perfect healthy choice if you are looking for bread alternatives from your everyday brands. You could serve the bread on its own, with cheese, perserves or spread. Why not try it toasted? It’s delicious!


Last night my mother came over and made herself a few little different versions to share with all of you! We used the Whole Rye with Museli Delba bread. The bread is very moist (I have to admit, I really do hate that word, but I must use it!) so take some precaution as we did have a slice or two break easily, but not too terribly bad. My mother put a few of her favorite things together for us to show you how you can incorporate Delba bread into your diet! Using a variety of cottage cheese, lox, fresh dill, cucumbers, cheeses and more, you can make your favorite Delba plate! Check out the slideshow below!

Nibble, nibble!

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