Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking for…?

We have to give a proper shout out to our Customer Service Representatives! After all, it *IS* Customer Service Week! And we want to make sure we give a proper THANK YOU to all of our staff that handle calls, emails and whatever else comes their way! We couldn’t be where we are at without our staff! You are all so awesome and wonderful! So yes, today it is YOU we are looking for when we reach for the phone or type up a message or stop in for a visit!


I can totally appreciate the work our Customer Service Representatives do, I have worked in several different industries and have had to handle calls, messages, letters, emails… both good and bad. It takes a patient person with awesome listening skills. It takes someone who also can multi-task and solve problems or issues. But it’s not all bad, there are the days where people just want to call and say, “Hello! THANK YOU for your help! And THANK YOU for what you do!”

So to our Gourmet International Customer Service Representatives, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!




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