Vegan Gummies? Yes!

First off, I have to admit, nobody in my family is vegan, but sometimes there are food and snack options that we will check out. We do like to have other options to give our children and ourselves. We try to find options free of preservatives or food coloring and that are more healthy for us.

J. Luehders of GermanyVegan Gummi Snacks are free from gelatin and contain no artificial colors or flavors. Parents can be relieved to know that there is a tasty treat without the worries of added ingredients and food coloring. Offering such flavors as Exotic Fruits, Red Berries, Fruity Flowers, Exotic Smoothie and Ruby Smoothie, there’s plenty of choices for everyone! These candies are vegan, contain no gelatin and are soft and delicious!

And I can, in fact, say these are really delicious! Along with my two sons, we decided to taste test these gummi snacks. The three flavors were tried were: Red Berries, Fruity Flower and Exotic Smoothie. They were super soft and chewy! These gummies do pack a punch of flavor, and will not disappoint! My oldest gave his dad one of the gummies out of the Red Berries package, and even dad enjoyed the flavor and said it tasted pretty good (and he can be picky, since he’s not a big fan of candy or sweets)!

My youngest son, who just turned 4, said he loved every flavor that we tried. He did not have a package that we tried that he did not like. As for myself and my oldest son (he’s an eight year old expert of treats), we both liked the Exotic Flowers best! We will have to go pick up some more flavors the next time we hit the market!

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Speaking of markets… For those in the local Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Kingma’s Market has these in stock in their brand new location in Ada! That is where we picked up our three packages of Luehders Vegan Gummies. Nibble, nibble! (You can see we ate them all…!)



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